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Fowl Cay
In the very midst of a sea so electric that you’ll swear it is made of incandescent-blue liquid light, sits Royal Plantation at Fowl Cay, a resort unlike any other on the planet. A private 50-acre island in the Bahamian chain of the Exumas, Fowl Cay lies only 200 miles from Miami and features six gorgeous, fully stocked villas, innumerable secluded coves and white-sand beaches, a personal boat and guide to introduce you to the wonders of the ocean and a hilltop restaurant serving some of the most spectacular cuisine for hundreds of miles around.

Whether you lay claim to one of the six splendidly outfitted houses as your sun-swept home-away-from-home or you take over the entire island for yourself, you’ll definitely feel as if every inch of this indescribably beautiful, undiscovered landscape belongs completely and inexorably to you.

Stroll along deserted paths that wind charmingly through the isle’s luscious vegetation and fragrantly blossoming tropical flowers. Swing like a carefree castaway in a hammock strung between two towering coconut trees planted in the silky sand of a pristine beach. Marvel at waters that display every conceivable shade of blue—from aquamarine, turquoise and indigo to a shockingly clear diamantine translucence—inviting you to wade in, dive deeply and immerse yourself completely in its deliciously warm embrace.

Everywhere you turn, around each corner and atop each rise, a new revelation awaits, taking your breath away and leaving you awash in a sense of unfathomable tranquility.

Fowl Cay Villas
Revel in all the comforts and luxuries of home—on a pristine, private island in the midst of an undulating aquamarine sea. Ease into a chair on your patio overlooking the crystal-clear sea laid out before you in an astonishing array of teals, greens and midnight blues. Whip up delicious meals and scrumptious snacks in your gleaming kitchen outfitted with all the latest appliances. Fall asleep each night to the melody of ocean waves caressing the shore and awaken each morning rejuvenated and ready for another perfect day in paradise.

Unlike most private islands, which require that you rent the entire isle, at Fowl Cay you can book by the villa, giving you the truly rare experience of having your own personal corner of an exclusive private island.

1 Bedroom, 1 Bath

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
East End

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
Ridge Top

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
Ridge Top

3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths

3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths

Fowl Cay Dining - Harbour Club
After a sun-kissed day in paradise, sensational cuisine awaits. Enjoy some of the most sophisticated cocktails, sparkling society and tantalizing cuisine to be found for hundreds of miles in any direction at our enchanting Harbour Club restaurant, which sits atop Fowl Cay’s highest point.

Draw up an elegantly sculpted period chair to your finely set table in the enticingly plush dining room, suffused with the golden glow of rattan-encased chandeliers, the tinkling of glasses and the delectable aromas of succulent fare. Or dine by candlelight under the stars on one of our two limestone terraces offering stunning vistas of the moonlit ocean below.

Satiate your palate with some of the most sumptuous dishes imaginable, all complemented exquisitely by fine vintages. Give in to the magic of this intoxicating spot, as you feast on starlit views of a vast liquid horizon that seems to stretch out past forever.

Fowl Cay Activities
The environment at Fowl Cay is very casual just as it is throughout all the out-islands. We provide a blend of renting a "bare house" and staying at a "full service resort". This gives you tremendous flexibility and independence while offering guidance, support and enough services to allow for quick enjoyment of the whole area. That's pretty much the mood here on Fowl Cay - help yourself.

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